Ousmane Dia

Ousmane Dia is a Senegalese Swiss artist who also works as a visual arts teacher. He has been living and working in Geneva for more than 22 years. The artist pushes metaphors about objects of our daily life, such as chairs, to new heights of emotion and understanding. Because it allows rest from fatigue, the chair is welcoming. It gives respite to those exhausted by their race against time and against life.

The works of Ousmane Dia are rooted in lived experience and often echo current events. In the latest works of Ousmane Dia, the chair is at ease. It swirls, it dances, it testifies, it affirms. He recently received a letter of encouragement and thanks from President Emmanuel Macron. The artist has generously agreed that 50% of the proceeds from sales of his paintings will be donated to Global Health Equity Foundation.