Intake Questionnaire
Environmental Lithography
Costa Rica, 2016

Al’Myra Communications is pleased you will join us for the launch of this unique, state-of-the-art program. The Environmental Lithography workshopmerges the expertise of today’s contemporary art masters with environmentally sound techniques. One of the ways that we provide you with the best possible experience is to become acquainted with every participant, as artists and individuals. Please take a moment to provide some basic information as we prepare our trip to Costa Rica!



    Phone Number

    Please describe your interest in the arts.

    Please describe any other notable interests or background information.

    Do you have previous experience travelling to Costa Rica? Elsewhere in Latin America (please specify)?

    Do you have any food restrictions?

    Al’Myra Communications seeks to provide you with the best possible experience. What expectations do you have for this excursion?

    Are you bringing a partner or colleague?

    Do you (or your partner/colleague) have any specific requests of our accommodations? The accessibility of certain spaces within this program may vary.