Al’Myra is a multi-media organization dedicated to communicating the  richness of cultural diversity by nurturing art, design and science

Al’Myra produces multimedia projects in the USA, European Union, and Switzerland.

As an entrepreneur, Tayeb Al-Hafez founded Al’Myra. Through this organization, he facilitates the work of compelling artists.
Al-Hafez works with professionals with a range of media backgrounds, and always includes community members.

The inclusion of fine art in film, video, architectural projects, and live productions is a way for Al’Myra to showcase and sell the work of internationally renowned artists.

You are personally invited to view artwork by Al’Myra’s coterie of artists, exclusively listed in our online gallery. It is Al’Myra’s pleasure to offer you access to our online gallery, where artwork from our expertly collated curated collections may be purchased. Member verification is required.

Al’Myra  is an organization committed to interdisciplinary storytelling through socially responsible and ecologically intelligent means. Working with diverse professionals in an array of artistic fields, Al’Myra  brings awareness to topical thoughts and events through such mediums as dance, photography, film, architecture, and the visual arts.